Let the Combi-Shovel take care of heavy lifting - and save yourself a great deal of time and lifting. You decide whether it should be fitted on the front or the rear.


When you acquire a Combi-shovel, you add a very flexible player to your machinery fleet.

In contrast to many other machines on the market that can only be used for one thing, the Combi-shovel offers a broad range of functions.

Numerous application options

Due to its great flexibility, you can use the machine through the year to a larger degree and in so doing minimise the number of "garage days". In the winter, the Combi-shovel can be fitted with a 300 l snow shovel.


Due to its great flexibility and numerous application options, savings can be made on the equipment account as you do not need to purchase several, individual machines.

The Combi-shovel is built to be used often, so the number of idle days are ultimately limited.

In other words, there is good economy in acquiring a Combi-shovel.


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Did you know that..

65% of the production is exported to places such as Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Ireland, England, Portugal, France, North America, Asia and Australia?

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