Flail Mower

Use the GreenLine Flail Mower to cut your grass. Whether the grass is long or short makes no difference. The Flail Mower from ParkLand handles the task. You can easily and quickly adjust the cutting height.

Beautiful cutting

With a flail mower from ParkLand, you achieve a beautiful, even cut, which results in a beautifully cut lawn.


The flail mower from ParkLand is available in many versions: From the smallest with a working width of 0.8 metres to the largest with a working width of 2.0 metres. The smallest models are designed for single-axled tractors, where the larger models require double-axled tractors.

Adjustment of the cutting height is done on the supporting roller and the top link.

On some models, the flail mower can be laterally offset manually or hydraulically (extra equipment).

The flail mower is available as a front or rear fitting for power take-off or hydraulic operation.


The powerful, specially tempered blades ensure that the cutting is executed quickly and efficiently. Replacement of the blades also occurs easily and efficiently.



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Did you know that..

65% of the production is exported to places such as Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Ireland, England, Portugal, France, North America, Asia and Australia?

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