GreenLine is our product line for the municipal sector. It contains a large number of machines that make it easier for you to maintain your acreage.

The GreenLine range contains the following machines.

Waste Trailer

When you need to collect refuse from a number of decentral depots and drive it to the central station, you can gain advantages by acquiring a Refuse Collection Vehicle.

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When you need to shred materials - then the answer is a GreenLine Shredder from ParkLand. It shreds quickly and effectively. You can choose between 3 models.

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Vertiflex VF250

VertiFlex is our most recent machine - a machine developed for effective scarifying and collecting. The unique system enbles the machine to simply and effectively handle even undulating areas.

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Goal mover

When the fields need to be mowed there are some goal posts that need to be moved in order to provide perfect mowing. Save time, your back and money. Purchase a Goal Mover that can take care of that. Easy and fast.

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Flail Mower

Use the GreenLine Flail Mower to cut your grass. Whether the grass is long or short makes no difference. The Flail Mower from ParkLand handles the task. You can easily and quickly adjust the cutting height.

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Rotor blade mower

If you need to cut the grass on your acreage, it is obvious that you should use a Rotor Blade Mower from ParkLand. It ensure a beautiful result - regardless of whether the grass is short or long.

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Let the Combi-Shovel take care of heavy lifting - and save yourself a great deal of time and lifting. You decide whether it should be fitted on the front or the rear.

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GreenLine Combi-Trailer

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Bale Accumulator

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