Vertiflex VF250



VertiFlex 250




The perfect machine for professional lawn care:

Scarifying without scalping

Grass cutting

Grass sweeper with brush

Leaf collection.


Standard equipment:

Interchangeable wingtips on fan wheels. Save a lot of operating costs.

Interchangeable wear plates In fan housing. Save a lot of operating costs

Options i.a.:

Water mist system for dust reduction

Suction arm for "non-machine-area"

Interchangeable filter for the low-tip containers

TwinPen- or bogie axle. (Dependent on model)

Brakes: pneumatic-, hydraulic- or overrun brakes (depending on model)


Can be delivered with many size of container: 

Working width                                    : 2,5 meter

Container volume with high tip       : 6m³, 11m³,

Container volume with low tip       : 9,5m³, 20m³


 vf01-180x130This photo shows VertiFlex VF250 from below. Note the 3 working units, completely independent of each other, can move and in so doing follow the surface of the working area.




vf02-180x130Here you can see the TwinPen wheel fitting (extra equipment) from below. Note how the wheels are fitted in pairs on each their longitudinal axel, which entails that the wheels can constantly follow the underlay's surface and in so doing always provide a uniform and minimal ground pressure.



vf03-180x130VertiFlex VF250 uses the same basic container as the GreenLine Combi-Trailer. Thereby, you have retained the high tipping function, which means that you can load directly over into/onto other units for further transport of the collected material.



  VertiFlex CTL200VF25 with 20cbm container

 VertiFlex CTL200VF25 showing the low tip system.



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