ParkLand Maskinfabrik A/S is a Danish company with 60 years' experience in the development and production of quality tools. Today, over 65% of the production is exported to, e.g. Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, England, Portugal, France, North America, Asia and Australia. The sale of tools only takes place through machinery dealers.

On 5 January 2001 at the company's 50th anniversary, Spragelse Maskinfabrik A/S changed its name to ParkLand MaskinFabrik A/S. This change of name occurred in order to give the company a more international name, which simultaneously related more to the company's products.

The company was founded by the Jakobsen brothers at the beginning of the 1950's.

They began under modest conditions in their father's premises, who was the local village smith in Spragelse. They had success from the start and shortly afterwards, they acquired the current property, Vejlemosevej 14.

Through the years, our name has made a permanent impression on our customers as a reliable company that develops and produces tools of very high quality and a company that is on the forefront of development. Examples of the products that have been developed and produced in tens of thousands through the years are the forage harvester and the Spragelse high lift trailer. Both products are still being manufactured.

Simultaneously with the development of society in the 1960's, the demand for tools for the care of parks and green areas became larger. We saw this as a new challenge and an opportunity to further develop the existing products. Today, this production has developed into the famous GreenLine range of products.

Generational and expansion

In 1993, we went through a generation change. This has meant an increased development of the factory, the products and the organisation. The new management has passed on the old spirit in the company and works constantly with product development. The product development occurs in close cooepration with end users, who in several cases have come up with the ideas. Afterwards, we complete the products and introduce them to new customers. Of these products, we can mention the Gravel leveller, the Goal marker, the Bale Accumulator with scale and printer. To test and ensure that the new ideas are optimal, we have about 30 acres of grassland of various lengths around the factory which is regularly cut according to new ideas and principles.

We produce by far the majority of components for the tools ourselves

Of production machinery, we are for example, equipped with an alignment machine for precise balancing of the rotating parts in the tools. This takes place according to international norms and is thus a vital point in the efforts to deliver a quality product. Furthermore, we are sub-contractors to other machinery factories with, e.g. the alignment machine.

Today, the factory has over 5,000 sq.m. under one roof.

We have a vision about protecting the environment

We have a vision about protecting the environment and therefore, we use a great deal of energy on environmental improvements. All waste from the factory and the office is sorted and recycled as much as possible. Out-dated production machinery is constantly replaced with new, faster and more energy saving machinery.

Our visions for the future

Parkland Maskinfabrik's visions for the future is to continue to develop products and to deliver products that correspond to the demands, including the social environment of the users of our tools. The environment plays a significant role in both the production side but also the products can help to create a better environment.
GreenLine Combi-Trailer

GreenLine Combi-Trailer

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GreenLine Combi-Trailer

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Bale Accumulator

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