Rotor blade mower

If you need to cut the grass on your acreage, it is obvious that you should use a Rotor Blade Mower from ParkLand. It ensure a beautiful result - regardless of whether the grass is short or long.

If mowing is on the programme, then you are well equipped with a Disc mower from ParkLand.

The Disc mower is available in 4 working widths (1,500 - 5,700 mm), front or rear fitted for power take-off or hydraulic operation. The choice is yours.

The patented system ensures a perfect mowing of both long and short grass. The cutting height is adjusted on the support wheels - easily and quickly without using tools.

The rotors are raised above the cutting level so they glide off stones and molehills. Moreover, the blades are suspended so that they are lifted over obstacles such as stones. In so doing, the blades are protected and the costs for maintenance are minimised. The rotors' rotation direction is right and left, respectively. This ensures a maximum spreading of the grass.

Thanks to the V-belt traction, a low-noise operation and a small power demand are ensured.



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