When you need to shred materials - then the answer is a GreenLine Shredder from ParkLand. It shreds quickly and effectively. You can choose between 3 models.


All shredders from ParkLand are constructed around the same chopper casing. The 24 powerful choppers ensure effective laceration of the material. It can handle branch thicknesses of up to 10 cm. Branches, foliage, bush cuttings, wreaths and much more can be shredded, which ensures a faster decomposition.


A shredder from ParkLand is made to be used often. Therefore, we have used good and strong materials that have good and long durability. We are often asked about how long the choppers can last. There is no precise answer to this question as it depends greatly on the type of job. One thing is sure though: Replacing the choppers is not a daily event.


One of the great advantages of the Shredder from ParkLand is that it is not fussy about what it's fed. The chopping components make short work of the material. Should a nail or similar be thrown in as well, it will handle that too. In contrast to machines with blades, a nail is no big deal. The shredder just keeps on working.


Due to its great flexibility and numerous application options, savings can be made on the equipment account as you do not need to purchase several, individual machines.

Since the Shredder is built to be used often, the number of idle days are ultimately limited.

In other words, it makes good economic sense to acquire a Shredder from ParkLand.

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