Waste Trailer

When you need to collect refuse from a number of decentral depots and drive it to the central station, you can gain advantages by acquiring a Refuse Collection Vehicle. With the Refuse Collection Vehicle you quickly and efficiently collect the contents from your containers and transport them away.


With the Refuse Collection Vehicle from ParkLand, the collecting of refuse will occur quickly and easily. The refuse collection vehicle is developed to serve areas that have many decentral containers and a central main station. Emptying of the small decentral containers occurs easily, quickly and simply. When the transport container is full, it is taken to the central station where the transport container is emptied in one moment. After the fast emptying, the emptying of the decentral containers can continue.


The refuse collection vehicle from ParkLand can - thanks to its universal tool attachment - handle all types of smaller containers. Therefore, you can easily have various types of containers in your area and empty these into the refuse collection vehicle.

The refuse collection vehicle is equipped with a 4, 6 or 8 m³ container. If another size is required, this is also possible. Please contact us for more information.


The effective collecting means that the refuse collection vehicle will have paid for itself in saved working hours.

The refuse collection vehicle is towed behind an existing tractor, which is why it is not necessary to make further investments.


Pictures 4 m³ Waste Trailer

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Pictures 6 m³ Waste Trailer

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Pictures 8 m³ Waste Trailer

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65% of the production is exported to places such as Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Ireland, England, Portugal, France, North America, Asia and Australia?

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